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About Limoges Porcelain Boxes Butterflies and Fairys-Limoges Boxes Porcelain Figurines

About Limoges Porcelain Boxes Butterflies and Fairys

Formerly made popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, tabatieres, as they were frequently so-called, were intended to hold snuff, perfume, or tiny favors. Stunning French Limoges porcelain boxes have always seized hearts, and has the aptitude to inspire. To collectors, the attractiveness, incredible artwork and excellent quality of Limoges porcelain boxes exceeds any other in the world. These delightful boxes were especially chosen by royalty! 

Limoges Paris Opera Box

Jacques Turgot, Finance Minister of King Louis XVI, offered a Royal edict to the porcelain artisans in the city of Limoges, France as the solitary place permissible produce Royal Limoges porcelain in the 1700’s. The name of the municipal has become tantamount with the porcelain limoges box products completed by those factories.

The first Limoges miniature boxes were elongated slender ampules created to hold needlework for needles.  Petite boxes to hold thimbles and scissors were also widespread in the 18th century, as were boxes meant to contain snuff. More quixotic owners of these miniature porcelain treasures carried a lock of their lady’s hair or a small sweetheart poem in the boxes.

The gorgeous of royal families, aristocrats and fine society, Limoges boxes are an continuing luxury collectible work of art.

Producing each Limoges Box is a effort of love. It comprises the process of creating a master mold, hand painting attractive details by an artist, multiple firings and glazing, and applying a custom fitted metal hinge and frame to each and every box.

The painting alone, with fine brush strokes and exhaustive work, takes relatively quite a stretch. Then, after the hand painting is done, the manifold firings end with a concluding firing of 1400C, a high firing unique to Limoges porcelain, that gives the pieces a unspoiled white under color. Then an artist mounts a fitted frame and hinge custom shaped for each box to ample the miniature.

Made of copper, hollow in white enamel and then ablaze, they too have a gorgeous tailored bezel. So cherished by the English aristocracy, they often had a assortment of boxes to complement their daily apparels. The enameled boxes are hand painted and fired over and are a good-looking commendation to the Limoges miniatures.

It’s what styles each Limoges tiny box a one-of-a-kind work of fine art.

One collector shared with me

" I was ecstatic recently to be able to attain a small portion of a assemblage of Limoges and English enameled boxes.  The sweethearts of the Georgian period in England, the amiable enameled boxes were used in centuries earlier to hold snuff, prettiness patches, curls of hair and jewelry, just alike the Limoges boxes were."

Today, we are pleased to share , our high-end Limoges Boxes assemblage from France! Made of porcelain and entirely hand made in the city of Limoges, France, these little phenomena are fervently collected worldwide. You will find these riches to be found in the form or image of just about everything with leitmotifs such as France, Babies and Dogs, Love and Travel, Holiday, etc. These amiable, tortuously painted boxes are the flawless gift for all of your loved ones, a long-lasting gem to mark life's distinct events.

Frog Limoges Boxes

There are many arrangements of Limoges boxes these days, but I have to confess I favor the “pictures” silhouettes of hearts, octagons, squares, and rectangles.

The exquisiteness of collecting the French Limoges boxes is that they look gorgeous exhibited on a mantelpiece or a platter, and they are small.

You will fall in love with numerous types of them, they are very easy to parade and don’t take up too much room.

One of these little porcelain hand-painted fairy limoges boxes is the most surefire flawless gift for people who have all. Place a hand inscribed poem for the occasion, for a marriage say your undisclosed desires to a enduring marriage. For a birth say your prayerful desires for the baby. For a birthday say what you most love about the participant!

If you are a enthusiast of extravagance you will surely appreciate the fine aspect, splendid design and craftmanship of each one of these boxes.

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