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How Charming and Romantic !
Our five thousand genuine hand-painted French porcelain Limoges Box novelties are all imported from the heart of the city of Limoges, France. Once the playthings of the wealthy, French Limoges trinket boxes were originally designed as snuff boxes to hold tobacco. These French Trinket Boxes later evolved to contain love letters, rings, jewelry and other precious gifts for special occasions and holidays. But, a French Porcelain Box is not simply a box - Limoge Boxes have become enduring symbols of love given to friends and relatives, often passed down to children and grandchildren as lasting family momentous.
Limoges Box Boutique has been in business for more than 20 years, sharing the joys of French culture! Each of our delicate French porcelain trinket boxes are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. These traditional and modern French porcelain boxes are the products of centuries of painstaking porcelain perfection. Many Limoge box designs are exclusive, one-of-a-kind works of art that will delight the recipient, and impress them in a meaningful way. Our French porcelain box figurines speak of unsurpassed quality and timeless value.
Exquisite Limoges box art has long been synonymous with French luxury culture for many decades. Classy and elegant, these are sure to turn heads. These premium Luxury French pieces are for the avid collector or to be gifted to that special someone. Careful research of authentic French porcelain and the history of the companies can help you get your hands on the most sought-after porcelain designs (...and this will speak volumes about your taste!). When you need a precious gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday, graduation, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, hand-painted porcelain stylish French boxes make a splendid choice!

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Limoges France Porcelain Authenticity is Guaranteed

Every Limoges porcelain piece offered is genuine and authentic French artisan porcelain. Every item has the official Limoges markings of the artist, factory, or atelier. with Limoges, France, and Peint Main for "hand-painted". These beautiful, artisan-created French porcelain figurine boxes are not available just anywhere. They can only be found through a Limoges dealer that has years of experience in understanding the history and production of French porcelain antiquity. We offer the largest inventory and widest variety of certified French trinket boxes in our collection. If you are seeking a charming luxury artisan gift for someone special, you will find it here. We have a perfect Limoges Box figurine for every occasion. Enjoy the gift of a Limoges from Limoges Boutique today!

A Masterpiece Collection of Limoges Porcelain Box French Designs

Collectors Dream in French Porcelain  Designs

Collectors Dream in French Porcelain Designs

Authentic France Boxes - dainty, yet so durable - have been the hallmark of class and culture for centuries. Porcelain collectors seek the finest--the finest comes from the Limoges region in France. Luxurious French porcelain is hand-crafted then painted with deep, rich colors that last a lifetime. Translucent and delicate in design, our porcelain is known for being strong. Porcelain keepsake boxes are linked inextricably to romance. The boxes can contain the mementos of a lover, a lock of hair, a sensuous letter, irreplaceable jewelry or small sentimental objects.

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Southern France & Northern France has been so fortunate for the last 20 years to provide you with such honored fine artisan pieces, and is the official representative of both  Rochard Limoges Boxes and Artoria Limoges Boxes.  Our dainty yet strong hand-crafted French porcelain hinged trinket boxes are all marked with the insignia "Peint Main", the artisan factory initials, and the words Limoges, France.  One may be assured, that any piece from our inventory is 100% authentic.

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