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Thank You for Supporting Limoges Box Artisans in France
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Artoria Limoges Boxes

Artoria Limoges Boxes Porcelain Trinket Boxes

Artoria Limoges is a family-owned porcelain business situated on the banks of France’s Vienne River. They are not only known for their fabulous China and giftware, but also produce high quality Tabatieres (French snuff boxes). Every box crafted by this company has been hand painted with patience - every single one being 100% authentic! They use numbers in a production run; thus limiting it at 1000 pieces available per year. Our selection of current and retired Limoges boxes is the largest in existence. We offer a wide variety, including rare pieces from Disney's collection that you won't find anywhere else! All our Artoria Limoges Porceclain products are crafted by skilled artisans at Artoria French factory – so when it comes to quality or value, there can be no competition between us with decades worth experience selling luxury goods across North America.

Artoria Limoges is the premier destination for Limousin gifts and collectors with over 20 years of experience in porcelain products, including hand-painted boxes made by master craftsmen from this picturesque region known as "the land beyond la belle facing." Our catalog includes an extensive selection on our website or we can courier any item anywhere internationally!

Discover the Figurines of France's most prestigious porcelain Limoges factory with Artoria Limoges. These intricately designed trinket creatures are individually handcrafted and impossible to find elsewhere! Immerse yourself in the world of Artoria with these beautiful porcelain figurines. These hand-crafted pieces are perfect for any collector and will make your home feel like it's truly alive! Imported from France, these porcelain trinket figurines are the perfect way to add some culture and class into your home. When it comes to porcelain, you really can't go wrong with Artoria Limoges. They are the leading manufacturer and decorator of fine Chinese ceramics in France; their products have been valued by collectors since they first opened more than 200 years ago! Every piece produced is 100% genuine as each hand-painted box takes over three months from start to finish--no two will ever look alike because no one else gets a chance at making these works before we do (and even then there's always something different).