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Thank You for Supporting Limoges Box Artisans in France
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About Limoges Box Boutique

Authentic Porcelain Limoges Limoges Boxes Boutique only retails GENUINE authentic Limoges Boxes imported from France. Limoges Boutique is Verified Secure Merchant with Authorize.Net for Safe Online Purchasing. Limoges Boutique is honored to have been serving the Limoges community and French master artisans for over 15 years.  
Limoges Boutique offers the most extensive selection of the absolute highest quality of Authentic Fine Porcelain Royale boxes from the Limousine region in France. We are very esteemed to have served thousands of Limoges Collectors as well a hundreds of Art antiques & Collectibles Galleries, Jewelry Stores, Luxury upscale gifts Shops all over the World. Limoges Boutique follows a Tradition of Distinction in French Design and concept for over 240 years. 
In addition to it’s own personal collection of commissioned hand painted and hand crafted rare and exquisite figurine boxes, Limoges Boutique is also the official representative of both Artoria and Rochard. Every exquisite porcelain is hand-painted and hand-crafted in the Limoges France region by French master artists and artisans. Limoges connoisseurs and collectors know that Limoges Boutique is the number one choice in these rare and hand crafted treasures. With over 10,000 magnificent Limoges porcelain trinket boxes and figurines in stock, only the awe-inspiring quality, best price, and the most proficient deliver will suffice. We are located in Tampa, Florida and welcome customer inquiries by email and phone.  Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost concern.  Please contact us anytime day or night.
Limoges Boutique collection contains Rochard, Artoria, Pierre Arquie, GV, FR, YM, AS, CL, JL, Parry Vieille, HM, Gerard Ribierre, Chanille, Dubarry, Elda Creations, BS, CP, and many many more. Our hand chosen inventory contains only authentic delicately decorated hand-painted Limoges Porcelain Box. 
Rochard Limoges Boxes
Rochard designs and color pigmentation are exclusively designed.  Emphasis on attention to detail, superior painting and workmanship including the hinge and latch set Rochard pieces apart from other Limoges boxes.  Rochard pieces are the best quality pieces (the cream of the crop).  Rochard is on the forefront of new designs and product development. Consistency is of the utmost importance when it comes to Rochard Limoges boxes. During the late 1970's, Rochard was the first to introduce the idea of finding surprises inside boxes.  Rochard Limoges boxes are sought by collectors for the beautifully detailed painting and detail in each exquisite piece.
Artoria Limoges Boxes
A family owned porcelain business located on the banks of the Vienna River in the city of Limoges, France.  Being one of the most well known factories and leading manufacturer of Limoges porcelain gift-ware.  They have been in business for several generations and from inception, they have produced only the finest quality porcelain and many of the most beautiful Limoges Boxes ever made as they have been producing some of the treasured porcelain pieces in the region. They control all phases of their production manufacturing, of Limoges porcelain, designing, sculpting, mold making, pouring, painting and mounting. They control the firing process completely, resulting in some of the most intricately designed boxes being produced. There is no usage of transfers in the making of their boxes, all are completely hand painted. They often have the licensing to the Disney, Peanuts, and other copy write icons and are popularly found displayed in most upscale New York department stores. Artoria is best known for our hand-painted Limoges boxes, gift-ware, and tabletop collections. In addition, Artoria known for its ability to customize any style or design to suit the individual needs of its customers. The Artoria Boxes come complete with Artoria Gift box and Certificate of Authenticity, both of which further enhance the over all value of each piece.
Limoges Collectors Collection
This collection comes from our purchasing department who personally travels France abroad to hand-select many of these boxes only from the finest Limoges factories, decorators, and artisans in France. The boxes found on this site are most often signed PPA (Pierre Arquie), GV, FR, YM, AS, CL, JL (who are all well known individual artist in the Limoges region ),PV (Parry Vieille), HM ( formerly PV), GR (Gerard Ribierre ), Rochard, Dubarry, Chanille, Elda Creations, BS, CP, and many more. Every piece in The Perfect Limoges inventory is intricately hand-painted, hand formed into a unique shape, and adorned with a hand mounted decorative clasp. All of The boxes are signed by the artist/factory/atelier and marked with the words, "Peint Main" (hand painted) Limoges, France.

We have taken care to take very large well detailed pictures of every Limoges Box so you can clearly see what you are purchasing. Often the pictures are twice the size of the box itself. If you wish to know the signature for any particular Limoges Box from our superb collection, please email our sales department with the item number of the piece in question at Email Us Questions.


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