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Thank You for Supporting our French Artisans - Same Day Shipping
Thank You for Supporting Limoges Box Artisans in France
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Custom Limoges Boxes Hand-painted by local Artisan

Yes, We Custom Make Limoges Boxes

    • LIMOGES BOXES PAINTED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU Commission a Limoges Box to commemorate the special and memorable times in life- births, engagements, weddings, new homes, anniversaries, birthdays... Paintings include House Portraits, Monograms, Florals, Pet Portraits, Yacht Portraits, and more. A personalized Limoges box also makes a luxurious and lasting Corporate Gift.

    • LIMOGES BOXES ARE IMPORTED FROM LIMOGES, FRANCE Limoges Porcelain Creations are held in private collections throughout the world. Limoges porcelain, renowned for its beauty, quality, and value, provides an exquisite canvas for Katherina's paintings. The artful package is made complete with the exquisite hinged frames that are skillfully hand fitted to the porcelain at the Limoges factory.

    • A LIMOGES BOX LIKE NO OTHER  Personalize a Limoges Box with names, monograms, commemorations, and messages beautifully penned in Gold. Etched Gold that glimmers with the light and mounted jewels are among the finishing touches that make our boxes special.

Custom Painted Limoges Boxes


Three Options Available

  • Customize 1 to 10 pieces  -  Work with Master American based porcelain artist Marty, to create a personalized painting on a traditional shaped Limoges Box.  We can do people portraits,  dog portraits, house portraits, or whatever you wish.  This option can cost $500 or more. 

  • Customize 25 or more of our Existing Molds  -  We will work with our factories in France to paint a mold to your personal and exclusive specification.  We can also add inscriptions, dates, names, messages or anything else ! This is the least expensive option. 

  • Design your own mold in large quantities  -  We will work with our factories in France to create an original mold personally for you that has never been created before and paint it to your specification. Then they will create a whole personalized line of porcelain pieces that are numbered exclusively for you. This is the most expensive option, as mold creation can cause a couple thousand dollars or more.

    Limoges Painted by in House Porcelain Artist


      Limoges Boutique is proud to present our in shop porcelain professional porcelain master artist Marty. Marty is an artist we commission in order to make up to ten customized Limoges boxes for personal gift ideas. We need a clear description of what you would like to have painted onto a box, in order to give you an estimate. A custom hand painted Limoges box can cost between $500 to $900 dollars depending upon what you want to have done. Buying quantity will lower that per piece price of course.  Please hit the contact us link with a clear description of what you would like to have painted on your box, when the deadline for having the piece in hand, along with any pictures you have,  so I can get you an estimate.

      The molds that are used by Marty, are authentic French porcelain Limoges Boxes imported from the factories in Limoges France. Marty will personally hand-paint, fire, and mount your Limoges box.  

      Custom White Limoges Boxes

      Have a custom Limoges box painted !!!
      MonoGram Custom Limoges Boxes

      Building Portraits with Monograms makes a wonderful new home or corporate gift!
      Monogram personal Limoges Box alt="" style="float: none;" />

      Add names, monograms, commemorations, and messages beautifully penned in Gold.
      Hand painted limoges Boxes
      Pet Portraits
      Custom Made Limoges Boxes

      Add inscriptions and logo inside


      Portrait Limoges Boxes

      Custom designs of subjects, places, or things  you hold dear to your heart.


      Examples of Marty's Work

      Personalized Limoges Boxes Personalized Limoges Boxes Custom Personalized Limoges Boxes monogram L:imoges Boxes Personalized Pet Limoges boxes Hand Painted Limoges BoxesPersonalized Inscribed Limoges Boxes Hand painted Limoges Boxes Custom Customized Limoges Boxes To Order Customized Limoges Boxes  Personalized Limoges Boxes Hand Painted Custom Limoges Boxes Flowers Personalized Limoges Custom Personal Limoges Boxes Gifts Hand Painted Limoges Boxes


      Customize and Decorate Quantities of Already Existing Molds 

      Have our factories paint a line of our molds the way you want them. Limoges Boutique can make your own exclusive Limoges box line Limited Edition Numbered at absolutely no  Extra Charge. That's a great way to be out of the ordinary, order your own Limoges collection. It's a great gift idea. It will be a very unique collectible Limoges Box.
      Transfer Limoges BoxesThis option is excellent for a Wedding, an Anniversary, an Event, a Jewelry Store, A Department store, a City, a Monument, or as an upscale souvenir for your fine Gift Store ect. You may select any of our Limoges boxes, and with the same shape, you decide on the décor, on the goodies inside, on the colors, the name of the box, the special message you wish to express, the logo of your Store or Your city... the possibilities are endless...
      You can also Limoges Trinket Boxadd any porcelain goody to your selection of Limoges boxes: You can also just have a special Limoges porcelain goodies made for your event or your store and added to an existing selection of Limoges boxes in our stock. Another idea is to add a transfer (could be your company logo) , and/or add a gold overlay or your own customized design.
      If you email us with this request, please give us a couple days to tally the answers to your questions and respond to your requests.  It takes about 4 to 36 weeks for delivery depending on the time of year.  A 50% deposit NON-Refundable is required at the time of order, the total balance is due on delivery. All orders must be confirmed and signed in legal form.

      Create Your Own Limoges Box Mold and Design  : This option is VERY pricey.  Original Mold fees are the thousand dollar range, but it is possible to do. 


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