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9 11 set World Trade Centers Firefighter

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Prix d'origine $159.00
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Prix actuel $109.00

9/11 World Trade Centers New York Firefighter Limoges Collection Plates

Pay homage to the brave firefighters and victims of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks with our exclusive Limoges collection. Crafted in France, these exquisite porcelain plates feature a never-before-seen design showcasing the iconic Twin Towers of the World Trade Centers, serving as a timeless tribute to the strength and resilience of the American people in the face of adversity.

Each plate is meticulously adorned with detailed illustrations that perfectly capture the somber and patriotic tone of the 9/11 attack, with 'Never Forget' printed under each illustration in memory of the fallen heroes. With only a limited quantity available, these collector's items are a rare and valuable addition to any esteemed collection.

Our 9/11 World Trade Centers New York Firefighter Limoges Collection Plates are an enduring reminder of a significant event in American history and a celebration of the courage and bravery of the American people. Add one of these exclusive Limoges to your collection today to keep the memory of the brave firefighters alive.


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