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My Beloved Things: Halloween Limoges Box Collection-Limoges Boxes Porcelain Figurines

My Beloved Things: Halloween Limoges Box Collection

My Beloved Things: Halloween Limoges Box Collection

Though I love collecting Halloween Limoges boxes, yearly I purchase one for myself. To me, there’s something about a Limoges box that says “luxury”, and procuring one for myself is like buying myself a piece of fine jewelry—it doesn’t get better. Now, this same principle would apply to creating artistic collections. Though collections can be enhanced as a treasure hunt over the years.  Because if I didn’t, how else would I create a rare assemblage to gaze upon?

Since I’m much better at making the accumulating a game that is pleasurable and not anything that demands me to be accountable or schematized, I recently “hired Kristen, another longtime (meaning, like, a year in the internet world) friend of mine, to help me search, catalog, and collect the top of my Limoges treasures.  Challenges and giveaways by making sure all the prizes get to their intended inheritors; she’s helping me catalog all of my pieces on major directories to downloadable/printable form. The result? Not only does this welcome me up to have more frequent shows, it also allows me to remain in my irresponsible and unsystematic state, where I’m happiest.

The argument to all of this is, soon after she began her trinket box trade as the most low paid Prize Limoges scavenger in North America (she lives in Canada), kristen sent me people who paint one of  a kind pieces of limoges boxes:

Is it sad to tear up over a Limoges box? If your response is “yes”, then I would like to state at this time that I did cry, And the sobbing began welling up in my beautiful green eyes.

It’s a classic personally designed Halloween Limoges.

Inside, there’s a little painting of the blood from whence a picture of the original Nosferatu hail: the old classic movie and most brilliant rendition of Dracula. Oh how scary these artistic pieces of limoges trinket boxes are. 

Raise your indicator if you recognized the reason he is called “Dracula”.  Don’t know? The reason is because he comes to suck your blood.

 I am such a sucker for classic movies and I am a sucker for Classic Halloween Limoges Boxes Imported from France. 

 And the box came with a little surprise inside, as many Limoges boxes do. It was a vampire.  My high school girlfriend Cynthia also would have loved scampering and cavorting in this horror story.

Maybe someplace, in some distant place…she’s undertaking that right at the moment.

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