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With more than 10,000 Limoges porcelain hand-crafted hinged boxes, Limoges Boutique offers an extensive collection of the highest quality authentic porcelain pieces from the Limousin region in France. Limoges Boutique is the official representative of both Artoria and Rochard, and features its own unique personal assemblage of commissioned hand-painted rare figurine boxes for your enjoyment.

Clientele from the occasional purchaser to the seasoned connoisseur consider Limoges Boutique to be the most well-stocked purveyor of genuine French Limoges porcelain box figurines in the world. Each porcelain treasure is hand-mounted and hand-painted/decorated in the Limoges region by talented and sophisticated French porcelain craftsmen and craftswomen. As such, Limoges Boutique offers the highest quality of items (that come with a certificate of authenticity) for the best prices, to fit any budget and occasion.

Authentic French Porcelain French Porcelain Authenticity is Guaranteed

Limoges Boutique prides itself on swift delivery and complete satisfaction. Each figurine is shipped in velvet on the same day as it is ordered. Personnel at Limoges Boutique are specially trained to answer all questions about the pieces. Not sure about which box will complete the collection or take the recipients breath away? Limoges Boutique consultants will use their comprehensive knowledge to help you select the perfect portmanteau to place your cherished objects within. All are invited to browse these pages and contact Limoges Boutique consultants with any and all questions -- to begin a journey into the unsurpassed pleasures of owning an authentic genuine French Limoges porcelain box figurine. The Largest Collection of French Porcelain Boxes

Largest Collection of French Porcelain Boxes

Limoges porcelain boxes - so dainty and yet so durable - have been the hallmark of class and culture for centuries. Porcelain collectors all over the world seek the finest - and the finest comes from the Limoges region in France. Limoges porcelain is hand-crafted then painted with deep, rich colors that last a lifetime. For those with discriminating taste, Limoges Boutique offers a selection of stunning French Limoges porcelain figurines and French Limoges porcelain boxes - sans pareil.

Once the playthings of the wealthy, French Limoges porcelain boxes were originally designed as snuff boxes to hold tobacco. Trinket Boxes from France The boxes later evolved to contain love letters, rings and other precious jewelry. But a Limoges box is not simply a box - Limoges boxes and figurines have become enduring symbols of love, given to friends and relatives, and also passed down to children and grandchildren as lasting family mementos. The traditional and modern French Limoges porcelain boxes and figurines featured on these pages are the products of centuries of painstaking porcelain perfection. Some designs shown here are exclusive to this website - one-of-a-kind works of art that will delight the recipient and will become the centerpiece of any curio cabinet display. Whether they hold engagement rings to be presented to a sweetheart, or are part of an annual birthday or holiday ritual, these French Limoges porcelain boxes and figurines speak of an unsurpassed quality and timeless value.   

Trinket Limoges Boxes France

Limoges Boutique is pleased to offer only the very best and highest quality Limoges boxes, hand-crafted by master artisans from the Limousin region in France. Exquisite trinket boxes reflect the imagination and the skill of hundreds of years honing the craft of firing and painting porcelain into individual objects de art boasting brilliant colors. One need only to glance at the luminous exterior to understand the power of the porcelain box - a mystery and a secret beneath an impeccably designed lid.

LimogesBoutique.com encourages all to peruse the selections that rival any masterpiece displayed in the palaces and museums throughout the globe. Figurines from Limoges Boutique will make you feel like royalty - and as your collection grows, Limoges Boutique will be there to suggest even more admirable pieces that complement your taste, style and savoir faire.
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