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Giraffe Limoges Box

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The exquisite Giraffe Limoges Box Porcelain is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship that has been renowned as one of the most luxurious pieces in porcelain figurine trinket boxes. Established during the antiquity of the 17th Century porcelain industry, this special item has been crafted over generations to capture the highest standards of quality and is known for its superior craftsmanship, extra firings and ultimate attention to detail.

The Giraffe Limoges Box Porcelain is comprised of entirely hand-crafted and painted porcelain from master artisans in the city of Limoges, France – renowned for its particularly translucent porcelain globally. The intricate details needed to create such a stunning display are remarkable and require many individual steps undertaken for hours at a time to bring these works – with each thin layer firing at different temperatures, up to 19 times! The result is absolutely mesmerizing. Indeed, it’s no wonder why these handmade delights have adorned display cases around the world since their conception centuries ago.

At once elegant, delightful and gentle; ideal for collectors and those who wish to gift that special someone with a truly unique memento - this is a must-have item that will draw both admiration and awe from anyone laying eyes upon it. With exemplary skill put into every little detail imbued within this treasured artifact you can be sure that your purchase will be cherished by all who receive it.