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S&D Limoges

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This collection is from one of the original importers from the 90s, who has passed away. I received this collection from her grandchildren. All of these pieces are authentic Limoges Porcelain Boxes from the heart of the city in Limoges France. Most of the Limoges Boxes in this SD collection is from the 90s and not numbered. The molds for these pieces are long gone, as the factories had gone under over 20 years ago. 90% of these Limoges Boxes had never been sold. If you have concerns about whether your Limoges piece has ever been preowned or aged, please send me an email about the piece in particular that you are interested in, and I will personally inspect the piece for you, and pick out the best one of that line.

Limoges Boutique is Available to place an order 24 hours a Day 7 Days a week to take orders.   We have traveled France and the Limoges factories  extensively, and we would love to help you find that perfect porcelain Limoges Box that you are looking for. We are so excited about your interest in French artisan porcelain. Please do not hesitate to either text me or email me, and I will be glad to answer your questions as soon as I am able to find a spare moment. I leave the ability to text and email open 24/7, as I am often traveling and my hours vary. 

We Ship Same Day when orders are made before 3 pm Eastern.

Please Text Over Calling & I will call you as Soon as I am free to respond.

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Otherwise, Please Text Only 321-358-4231