Numbered 1 ! Limoges Boxes - First One Painted

Many of these Number 1 of the series are designs by Sinclair Limoges Boxes. The majority of the Sinclair pieces came from the PV and GR factories in Limoges, before these factories closed shop in the early 2000s. Since this time Sinclair Limoges business has completely dissipated, as the owner went into the hotel business. I was able to secure these pieces directly from the owner who had them stored away for over 15 years. He has finally decided to let them go, and gave me a call. Many of these designs will never be created again, as the molds are long gone when the older factories closed down. The color choices were chosen by the Atelier.

Mole in Raincoat Limoges Box - number 1  First one Made
Limoges Box Boutique - FL
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Basset Hound Dog- 1 of 500 First One Made of Retired Rare Limoges Box-dog beagle limoges boxes-Limoges Box Boutique
Limoges Box Boutique - FL
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Turkey in Pressure Cooker  - First One Painted - Retired Rare Limoges Box
Limoges Box Boutique - FL
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