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Limoges Pill Boxes Porcelain

Limoges Boxes are Wonderful. nLimoges Trinket Boxes

Limoges boxes vary in the quality and detail of the design, the amount of labor and artistic skill involved in casting, firing and decorating, and the number of pieces produced. Naturally, the price of a box varies accordingly. Each piece is marked by hand, in French; to indicate that it is an original, hand painted creation. The finished box with the world famous insignia, Peint main, "hand painted" can be found on any authentic box. These beautiful Limoges boxes make wonderful gifts and decorative accessories.
Limoges Boxes have  been a treasured tradition always at Limoges Boutique. When we made our the first printed advertizement aand catalogue, we  had developed what we feel wasthe best Limoges Porcelain Boxes Collections anyone  could find globally. The Limoges boxes tablets were in fashion and the  roses and floral designs were the traditional and most wanted  Limoges boxes shapes. They were simply  decorated by our specilized master artists in the city of Limoges in France.

Brand new Limoges Spting Boxes and Limoges Holiday Boxes have arrived at Limoges Boutique! 

Please do not miss our Limoges Box Super Sale! And Please look at our  New Limoges invetory Boxes!

Wonderful Limoges boxes at superb prices!  Do not miss our wonderful selection of Limoges heart and love Boxes, Limoges Romantic Love Boxes are everything you can give to the special person you care about. They make a very superb Limoges box heart gift with a Limoges Love Box and you can put a special message inside of it!

You will find a unsurpassed selection of Limoges Porcelain Trinket boxes for all gift giving Occasions. The Quantities we have are Limited Edition so order it quickly before that design runs out. All our Authentic French Limoges hinged Boxes are Brand New with a certificate of authenticity and  are hand painted and hand mounted by our French artists  in the city of Limoges, France.  

Limoges Boxes made  the largest transition during the  80s and 90s and Limoges collecting became very trendy to display in a wall cabinet or wall shadow box in every room of ones home showing the most unusual and beatifully detailed Limoges hand painted porcelain hinged boxes. From Limoges Traditional Limoges Antique Boxes with roses and flowers and simple shapes, to Limoges detailed Fruits and Vegetables and Food item pieces, each Limoges collection designed has its own special accent. For the Limoges box gift givers for special occasions and prestige, we have always had the largest variety of Limoges Gift  Boxes for all Occasions. Maybe you can remember the first time you recieved a Limoges as a gift for a special occasion, such as  a  Limoges Happy Birthday Cake Box, a Limoges Puppy box, a Limoges Figurine or even a Limoges Baby Shower Box.

The sophistication and inventiveness  of the Limoges porcelain boxes mold creations have no limits and are of everything imaginable. From Limoges Travel Boxes to Limoges Figurines and Limoges Boxes from around the world for all holidays. Almost anything and everything that could be thought of is made into a Limoges handpainted porcelain box. All these creative new ideas were made for the USA market.

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